This Week in Data - Week 18

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❄️ Week 18 - Happy Holidays! ❄️

Welcome back!
Hey folks! Welcome back to Dataset Daily. This is the last day of the year for free followers of the newsletter until the new year. See you next year!

📰 Quick News 📰

📈 Funding & Acquisitions 📈

Another week of the most interesting funding rounds in data.

Tonic raised $9M for synthetic data. Lots of cool projects out there working on synthetic data. In the case of Tonic, how do we take an existing dataset and effectively sample it, augment it, obfuscate it if necessary, and then monitor where it’s being used?

Iris Automation raised $13M for object detection on drones. Iris Automation builds collision detection and avoidance software for unmanned aerial vehicles. The real win here is their budding relationships with government and regulators. Plenty of Computer Vision for drones out there; not sure I’ve seen one so focused on getting past key regulations.

Vergesense raised $12M for workplace analytics. Simple solution. They apply Computer Vision to office spaces to detect occupancy and give you key analytics on busy times, occupancy rates, etc. Wouldn’t be surprising to see a solution like this in every building on Earth. One unified set of data on exactly how your building is being used would be super useful! No more guess work in assigning workspaces to teams.

Roblox acquires Loom builds software for syncing real-time avatars. Take a camera —> sync up with the player —> give emotions and an avatar in real-time that matches the user in front of the camera. Their simple SDK is integrated with lots of different applications like Zoom, Twitch, and others.

📡 Cool finds & releases 📡

📝 RetentionX - Shopify plugin that takes all your data and predicts future revenue, churn, etc. Detects anomalies in your data and automatically alerts you. Ask natural language queries and get answers from your data.

In my mind this is a natural evolution. We had the market get flooded by dashboarding application after dashboarding application that would integrate with your data and allow you to manually plot the customer data you were interested in. Many business owners want to skip this step and focus on customer stories rather than sift through data manually. Expect lots more in this theme of automating insights across industries for small businesses.

🎆 WhatToTweet - super simple application. Prompts for what to tweet. Themes and sample tweets along each theme. What would be cool is if you could pair this up with a tweet generator. Let the user cycle through prompts —> pick the theme you want —> generate fresh tweet. For now that generate part is unguided.

📚 What I'm Reading 📚 

Last week: went on a SQL journey and brushed up my skills while working on a project that needed SQL, referenced Learning SQL on occasion.

This week: Invent and Wander: A Book of Jeff Bezos Writings is a collection of Jeff Bezos’s ideas on business. He talks on business culture, starting and growing new business segments, challenges during the Covid era and more. Started this one last night and am finishing it over the next few days!

On deck: Nothing at the moment. Recommend me books please!

💼 Job Board 💼

Tonic - Product Manager // San Francisco, CA
Iris Automation - Computer Vision Engineer // San Francisco, CA
VergeSense - Senior Data Analyst // SF, Boston, Remote

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💻 Sample Code Wednesday: Getting Access to Crypto APIs & Data
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About the writer: Luke Posey is the founder and lead writer of Dataset Daily. He is passionate about building and investing in great data-driven products. He’s the co-founder of, an analytics company building data tools for traders and investors. He started his career as a Machine Learning Engineer after studying Electrical Engineering. He currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri.

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