This Week in Data - Week 17

Funding news, product releases, weekly reading list, and more.

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💻 Sample Code Wednesday: Templates for Cleaner Python Visualizations
🏭 Industry Thursday: State of Manufacturing in the United States
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🏢 Week 17 - Business As Usual 🏢

Welcome back!
Hey folks! Welcome back to Dataset Daily. Thanks to everyone who reached out and congratulated the newsletter on its growth and expansion into 4-5 days per week! Your support means the world.

📰 Quick News 📰

📈 Funding & Acquisitions 📈

Another week of the most interesting funding rounds in data. raised $23M for conversational AI. Lots of competitors in this space. Lots of customer service AI being built. The use-case I’m most excited for is plug and play customer service integrations to Intercom and Crisp.

Genesis Therapeutics raised $52M for AI-enabled drug discovery. One of many companies in this space. Also, if you haven’t seen the DeepMind AlphaFold news, definitely check that out.

Cleo raised $44M for an AI-powered financial assistant. These sorts of plays are inevitable. Take a popular piece of software, any category. Now bolt on ML and see if you can come up with improvements. Many times it’ll fall flat; other times it will be a legitimate improvement. I think top-tier NLP and better analytics can go a long way in financial assistants. I’ll be honest with you if I think it will fall flat in other cases.

Ava raised $4.5M to continue improving its speech recognition tech. Ava builds better speech recognition tools. Their first use-cases were for empowering deaf folks with “the best instant captions in any situation.”

Okay raised $2.2M to continue work on its engineering productivity tool. This is a super cool tool to me. Very simple use-case for engineering managers. See how much time your team is spending on various activities. For example, get aware of when your team is spending excessive time in meetings and not enough time building. In the words of product folks, “if you’re not building product or interfacing with customers you’re wrong.”

📡 Cool finds & releases 📡

📝 UserLeap - pretty cool user research tool. Single line of code to add clean surveys to your website. Continuously deploy new surveys from an easy to use UI. Free plan will get you 3 surveys for 5k visitors each month.

🎆 AlphaFold - if you haven’t already, check out the DeepMind post on the AlphaFold breakthrough. AlphaFold solved a grand challenge in biology for protein structure prediction. This grand challenge stood for 50 years and is a seminal moment in AI.

📚 What I'm Reading 📚 

Last week: The Innovation Stack by Jim McKelvey. Jim McKelvey, Co-Founder of Square and independent director of the STL Fed Reserve Bank wrote a spectacular book in The Innovation Stack. Glassblower turned successful entrepreneur, McKelvey has tons of great lessons and learnings for entrepreneurs of all kinds.

This week: Revisited Learning SQL by Alan Beaulieu. Revisiting this one. Was writing a complex query earlier this week and stumbled all over myself figuring it out. Gonna revisit Learning SQL and maybe solve some SQL problems on LeetCode.

On deck: Nothing at the moment. Recommend me books please!

💼 Job Board 💼

Genesis Therapeutics - AI Engineer // Burlingame, CA
Cleo - Senior Data Scientist // San Francisco, CA
Ava - ML Scientist // Paris, FR

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🎬 This Week on Dataset Daily 🎬

💻 Sample Code Wednesday: On-Chain Analytics for DeFi yield farming.
🏭 Industry Thursday: The State of Crypto and DeFi.
📈 Market Friday: Portfolio Updates, Market Making, Year in Review, and More.

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About the writer: Luke Posey is the founder and lead writer of Dataset Daily. He is passionate about building and investing in great data-driven products. He’s the co-founder of, an analytics company building data tools for traders and investors. He started his career as a Machine Learning Engineer after studying Electrical Engineering. He currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri.

You can follow his work on Twitter and his long-form writing on Medium.

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