Dataset Daily 2.0 - The Return

Dataset Daily returns. Datasets, industry deep dives, news, sample code, and more content each week.

🌅 Week 16 - The Rebirth 🌅

Welcome back!
Hey folks! Welcome back to Dataset Daily. 

We flew past 3,000 subscribers on our way to 4,000 during hiatus. I’m stoked to announce Dataset Daily 2.0 and all the things we have planned as we end 2020.

I’ve been asked time and time again why we call the newsletter Dataset Daily. My vision from the jump was always for this to be a daily newsletter. And starting today we are getting closer to that goal - Dataset Daily will now deliver Tuesday through Saturday!

The rapid growth has allowed us to commit more resources to the newsletter so we can offer more content on a more consistent schedule.

Here’s the plan going forward!

📊 Data Science Tuesday: the Tuesday format will stay the same as it has always been - Data Science news, new products and data tools, book list, and more.

💻 Sample Code Wednesday: sample code, plots, and other things you can reuse in your daily analytics work and projects.

🏭 Industry Dive Thursday: industry deep dives - we’ll dig up important datasets and dive deep into finding insights into specific companies and industries using various Data Science methods. You can expect an industry specific dataset and some analysis on Thursdays.

📈 Market Review Friday: it’s no surprise we love financial datasets and trading on this newsletter. Each Friday we’ll surface interesting financial data and give a market review using analytics tools we will build together for stocks, crypto, and more.

📺 Interview Saturday: I have some cool guests lined up to chat about how they use data in their chosen industries. We’ll have both leaders and individual contributors from companies across industry.

Providing all this content will obviously take a lot of time from myself and contributors. So to support this effort we will have the following subscriber types.

Free readers to the newsletter will get access to every Data Science Tuesday post.

Paid subscribers will get access to all 4-5 posts every week. You will also get access to our full archive of sample code, analytics, interviews, and all the other Data Science content we publish each week.

I’m super stoked for the growth of our newsletter and ability to offer more content. I can’t wait to share my love of Data Science with you each week. Stay tuned!

Thanks for joining us for another week of our community newsletter!

About the writer: Luke Posey is the founder and lead writer of Dataset Daily. He is passionate about building and investing in great data-driven products. He’s the co-founder of, an analytics company building data tools for traders and investors. He started his career as a Machine Learning Engineer after studying Electrical Engineering and currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri.

You can follow his work on Twitter and his long-form writing on Medium.

See you next time.