Some perspective on a seemingly unstoppable rally, investor behavior, sentiment, and emerging asset classes.
Industry Thursday - another Thursday, reflections on the state of crypto and trades we are making along the way.
My Data Science stack going into 2021 plus funding news, product releases, weekly reading list, and more.
Funding news, product releases, weekly reading list, and more.
Rebalancing our equity portfolio and celebrating BTC 20k.
Industry Thursday - surveying the crypto landscape and our crypto portfolio at a new peak of Bitcoin price.
Sample code Wednesday - access APIs to get started with open finance.
Dataset Daily - Week 17
Tracking my data-driven trading/investing activities. Market recap and updates to my portfolio, strategies, etc.
An industry breakdown. Data and analytics to learn about the world around us.
Quick code snippets to use in your daily analytics work.
Dataset Daily returns. Datasets, industry deep dives, news, sample code, and more content each week.